The success of an event is not simply about meeting the client’s requirements. DK Entertainment Media takes the time to listen and understand the client’s goals and sentiments, thereby proposing the most creative and suitable ideas. From planning, design, and organization to post-production, DK Entertainment Media stands by the client throughout the entire process. Our dedicated team provides continuous updates, ensuring the event runs smoothly and perfectly.

1/ DK ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA - Motto: "Working with All Our Heart"

With the motto “We Work With All Our Hearts,” the DK team operates with passion and dedication at every position. Each event is a new challenge and an opportunity to showcase the team’s talent and enthusiasm. With a spirit of continuous creativity, the DK team always seeks innovative solutions, creating unique and distinctive experiences for clients.

Tại DK Entertainment Media, mỗi thành viên điều làm việc bằng niềm đam mê, nâng cao giá trị sáng tạo và luôn xem mỗi điều mà DK tạo ra là di sản là đứa con tinh thần của chính mình, bởi chính điều đó, chúng tôi luôn dành nhiều thời gian và tâm huyết để làm tốt nhất có thể.

2/ Prioritizing Event Success Above All

DK Entertainment Media boasts a team of creative experts with extensive experience in developing unique ideas tailored to the goals, target audience, and budget of each business. When DK collaborates on event production with its clients, every team member prioritizes the event’s objectives and focuses intensely on each step to achieve the best possible results according to the client’s requirements. Our dedication ensures high-quality products and outstanding outcomes for every event.

Unique Experiences Created from a Spirit of Creativity

At DK Entertainment Media, a spirit of creativity always takes precedence. Our team of experts tirelessly seeks out new, innovative ideas to deliver the best possible experiences for our clients. We believe that only through constant innovation and creativity can DK create unique and impressive events. Therefore, focus and attention to detail are always paramount in every plan we develop.

3/ Focusing on Every Detail of Your Event

One of the most crucial factors for any event to be executed professionally and leave a positive impression on attendees is meticulous attention to detail. DK is always meticulous in every aspect, from hardware production to software. DK not only manages but also directly handles each task, addressing on-site situations, from stretching every carpet to smoothing every corner of the decal to ensure comprehensive and meticulous quality.

Expertise in Event Organize

  • In addition to creativity, DK’s experts also possess high-level expertise in event organization. From planning, stage design, event management to technical implementation of sound and lighting, every detail is carefully crafted to ensure the success of the event and achieve grandeur according to the specific goals of each event type.


Flexibility and Detailed Steps Taken

  • Whether it’s small details like color selection, backdrop design, or seating arrangement, the DK team always pays attention to every step to create an elegant and coherent event space. Every guest can admire the beauty and comfort experienced in the event space. Meticulous attention to detail helps create a strong impression and score points with clients.

Ensuring Quality

  • Quality is the top criterion that DK Entertainment Media always prioritizes. From selecting partners to using equipment and materials, DK ensures that every element meets standards and delivers the best results for the event. We continually update with new technologies and invest in modern equipment. By applying technological advancements, we aim to deliver excellent event experiences, leaving a strong impression and making a mark on our clients.

4/ Utilizing our Ecosystem to Optimize Quality and Costs for Clients

DK Entertainment Media takes pride in being a professional event organization unit, possessing a comprehensive ecosystem that meets all client needs, from conceptualization, design, construction, organization to post-production. With an experienced and creative team of experts, DK Entertainment Media always delivers optimal solutions, creating unique and impressive events.

We invest in an ecosystem and standard training, maximizing existing advantages and resources to optimize costs when providing full-service solutions for every event. DK Entertainment Media proudly owns a longstanding experienced performance troupe. Various professional performances and modern technology applications are always swiftly updated. Combined with a specialized media team to create visual performances alongside experienced directors who have organized diverse large-scale events.

Rational Budget Allocation

Proper budget allocation is paramount to cost optimization for an event. At DK Entertainment Media, we meticulously plan expenditures, ensuring that each expense delivers the best value for our clients.

  • Clearly define objectives and target audience.
  • Assess and prioritize the most critical factors.
  • Optimize costs without compromising service quality.
  • Effective Negotiation with Partners

With years of event organizing experience, DK Entertainment Media has established good relationships with many service and product providers. Through effective collaboration and negotiation, DK can guarantee competitive prices and the best service quality for clients.

  • Build win-win relationships with partners.
  • Utilize appropriate discounts and pricing policies.
  • Flexibly and proactively control costs.

5/ Put Ourselves in the Customer's Shoes to Work Through Issues

Always placing ourselves in the customer’s shoes, DK always identifies the issues that customers desire, focusing on executing every event as if it were their own corporate event.

For every decision and execution in an event, DK always positions itself from the customer’s perspective to think and provide the best, most cost-effective solutions without incurring additional expenses.

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority at DK Entertainment Media. We always put ourselves in the customer’s position, listening to and promptly and attentively meeting all their requests.

Actively listening to customers

Listening to customers is the crucial first step in understanding their desires and needs. We are always ready to take the time to listen and advise, thereby providing the most suitable solutions.

  • Engage with customers to understand event requirements and goals.
  • Receive feedback and propose improvements for the best and most optimal results.
  • Handle any arising issues promptly and effectively.

Dedicated Response to Requests

With a dedicated spirit, DK always supports and responds to every customer request attentively and promptly. We consider every project as our most important destination and continuously strive to deliver the best experience for our customers.

  • Always willing to listen and understand customer desires.
  • Provide professional advice and solutions.
  • Ensure service progress and quality.

24/7 Support

The DK Entertainment Media team is always ready to assist customers anytime, anywhere. With 24/7 support services, DK quickly provides solutions for every issue and ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Online support via phone, email, chat.
  • Professional and continuous support team.
  • Resolve any issues in the shortest time possible.

6/ "Say Yes" mindset When Customers Need Support: Professional, Dedicated Service

When DK Entertainment Media’s customers need urgent support for event situations, whether it’s in the middle of the night or due to cost-related issues, the DK team always responds positively and is ready to help. We not only always “Say Yes” but also quickly find optimal solutions to resolve issues, ensuring the highest efficiency for the event.

Professionalism and dedication are the core values ​​at DK Entertainment Media. We constantly strive, accompany customers in every project, provide quality services, and build solid trust. Each member of DK is committed to prioritizing customer goals, focusing on every small detail to ensure the success and impressiveness of the event.

For DK Entertainment Media, customer satisfaction and success are our measures of value.

Comprehensive Support

We provide comprehensive support services for customers, from initial consulting, design, event organization to post-event follow-up. We always put ourselves in the customer’s situation to ensure that every requirement is met to the best of our ability.

  • Provide consulting and suggest suitable solutions.
  • Ensure progress and service quality.
  • Always ready to support and answer any customer inquiries.


The staff of DK Entertainment Media are all seasoned experts with rich experience in event organization. Leveraging maximum skills and expertise, DK delivers quality and reputable services to customers.

  • Training and skill development for personnel.
  • Always update trends and new technologies.
  • Ensure service quality consistently before, during, and after the event.



The DK Entertainment Media Company Limited is an expert in organizing large-scale events with high entertainment value and the most magnificent technological performance in Ho Chi Minh City.

DK Entertainment Media is honored to be chosen by major partners both domestically and internationally to organize events: Techcombank, Vinhomes, Topcom, Arton Capital, Hyundai, and many other customers, brands, and companies at home and abroad.

We always offer fresh event concepts that are unique and non-repetitive, and we commit to optimizing event costs by at least 20% for our partners and customers.

dựng clip phim tương tác visual led DK event



With a vision to bring PROSPERITY to both our customers and our own team, DK Entertainment is committed to delivering the most excellent and creative event solutions, helping our customers’ brands lead the market, become the most beloved brands, and maximize sales explosion.


We are on a mission to create groundbreaking communication events with unique and distinctive experiences, leaving a profound mark on attendees when participating in events we organize.

As the most TRUSTWORTHY and PROFESSIONAL partner of our customers, we work with integrity, always fulfill commitments, and operate with standardized and consistent processes.

We dedicate ourselves to the event industry in Vietnam with relentless efforts. Above all, we constantly challenge ourselves, aiming for creativity that will become a great source of inspiration, bringing sustainable PROSPERITY to the event industry and our customers.



With a history formed by empathy and sharing, we are always ready to help and support each other in every situation. For the DK Entertainment team, we always prioritize unity because we understand that it is the survival factor of an organization.


Always punctual, meeting deadlines for all tasks, and adhering to the event schedule. We comply with all agreements and arrangements with our customers and suppliers.


With a team of young, innovative minds, systematically trained and deeply understanding the roots of creativity, we are event organizing experts who are always creative and innovative every day. We continually generate unique and impressive ideas, combined with the latest modern technologies, to provide the most profound experiences for customers attending and enhance the image of the brands and companies that have trusted and chosen DK as their companion.


With the principle of Integrity placed at the forefront of all our activities, DK Entertainment always delivers services and products that meet and exceed standards, exceeding customer expectations. We uphold our commitments in every situation, maintain transparency in all matters, and provide absolute peace of mind to our customers.


With a systematic and unified work process, we are always meticulous in every detail, no matter how small, to ensure absolute accuracy in every aspect. We react quickly and effectively in every situation, adhering to standards from ideation to implementation, operation before and after the event.


With an enthusiastic spirit and fearlessness of challenges, the DK Entertainment team always puts their full effort into every task assigned, wholeheartedly dedicated to each job, no matter how small.


Công ty tổ chức sự kiện TP.HCM gala dinner year end party tiec cuoi nam
  • Through the ideas we design specifically for each of our clients’ events, we create personalized experiences for every audience attending the event, delicately incorporating brand messages to help businesses enhance their brand image, spread core messages, and build good relationships between corporations, our clients, and their customers.


  • In some typical internal events such as year-end gala dinners and parties, we develop ideas to enhance loyalty and dedication of employees as well as build corporate culture, helping businesses develop sustainably, improve their position, and company value.


  • For newly-started businesses, we provide optimized Event Marketing solutions to help them reach potential customers, increase sales, build a sustainable brand, and gain a place in consumers’ hearts.

method of operation
and GROWTH history

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Operating motto: “New Ideas – New Stories”


With the slogan meaning “New Idea – New Story”, we are always dedicated to understanding every meaning, every thought and message in each customer’s story.

Understanding and sympathizing with each customer’s story helps us create ideas and tell the stories of the business in our own way, sometimes spectacular and futuristic, but sometimes realistic. gentle and close, the core is to bring values ​​​​of conveying messages, helping customers speak their voices in the best and most profound way.


Development history


DK Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company with strengths in creativity and the ability to convey messages differently in every event we organize and perform.

Our starting point is people with a burning passion for art, street artists who interact most directly with viewers and where emotions are expressed in a daily but profound way.

We, passionate people, each story we bring to the audience is filled with enthusiasm, understanding and above all, intimacy, putting the participants’ experience first, emotions. Their positive, insightful take on the event is what we’re all about.

With real-world experience in all the events we have organized and directed, we are always proactive and confident in being experts in organizing events in a positive way and spreading positive energies. New to all customers who have trusted and accompanied us since the first day of cooperation.



DK Entertainment Media have execute multiple events such as  Grand Opening, Product Launching, Sale Event. Outdoor Event,

Annual Company Event: Gala dinner, Conference Event. Online virtual event.

Event Highlights!

Landmark Entertainment Asia

My Auris

Year End Party & 4th Anniversary

New Image

Award Ceremony
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Year End Party

Waterpoint Riverside Community

Launch Event

Dai Viet Group

Year End Party