dk event & entertainment tổ chức sự kiện bất động sản lễ mở bán động thổ ra mắt dự án


DK Entertainment Media is a Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam based event & entertainment company.

We specialises in organizing professional events for businesses, promoting brands and products with the heavy emphasis on personalized performance.

Our biggest singular event reaching up to 5,000 attendees and have helped our clients increase event profit by up till 200%.

We are: Event Marketing Experts.


Our goal by 2024 is to become a million dollar event company by creating groundbreaking events for our clients, helping our clients to benefit from revenue and reputation beyond their expectations through our Event Marketing strategy.

Becoming the most prestigious and innovative event organization in Vietnam with the position of the No.1 expert in the field of Event marketing.


With a vision to bring PROSPERITY to our customers and PROSPERITY for our own team, DK Entertainment is committed to bringing the best and most innovative event organizing solutions, helping customers’ brands to lead the market, become the most popular brand and maximize sales.

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Creating BREAKTHROUGH media events with DIFFERENT and UNIQUE experiences, leaving a deep impression on attendees when participating in the event that we organize.

As the most RELIABLE and PROFESSIONAL partner of our customers, we work with prestige, always fulfill our commitments and work with a standard and uniform process.

Dedicating to Vietnam Event industry with unremitting efforts, above all we constantly challenge ourselves, we always aim for creations that ưill become a great inspiration to help BRING SUSTAINABLE PROSPERITY for the Event industry and our customers.



With a history formed be empathy and sharing, we are always ready to help and support each other in any situation, for DK Entertainment, we always put solidarity first because we understand that it is the vital element of an organization.


Owning a team of young staff, new thinking, well-trained, understanding the source of creativity. We are an event organizer that is always creative and innovative every day, creating new unique and impressive ideas,  combining with the most modern technologies and bringing the most profound experiences to our customers and enhance the image  of the brand as well as the customers company have trusted and chosen DK as a companion.


With a consistent systematic working process, we are always careful to the smallest detail to bring absolute accuracy in all matters, quick and effective response in all situations, standards from idea planning to implementation, operation before and after the event.

Reputation - Clarity

With the principle that Reputation is on top in all our activities, DK Entertainment always performs properly, meets the standards and exceeds expectations about the services and products that we commit to customers. Always keep our commitments in all situations, be transparent in all matters and bring absolute peace of mind to our customers.


Always on time for all items, time of events, complying with all provisions of our agreements with customers and suppliers.


With a spirit of enthusiasm, not afraid of difficulties, DK Entertainment always works hard with every assigned task, dedicated to every job even the smallest.



Reaching Event's Goal


Always Bring Emotions


New Experiences


Brand Explosion


No Costs Incurred

Bring value for Clients

Through the ideas we design specifically for each client’s event, we create personalized experiences for each event audience. Subtly put in brand messages to help businesses increase brand image, successfully spread core messages to help build good relationships between Groups, Company – our customers with their customers.

In a number of typical internal events, we develop ideas to help improve the loyalty and dedication of the staff as well as build a corporate culture, helping the business to develop in a sustainable way, enhancing the position and value of the company.


For startups, we bring the best Event marketing solutions to help businesses reach the most potential customers to increase sales, build a sustainable brand and occupy a position in consumers’ hearts.

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